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Deven™ 2-Piece 1.28 GPF White Elongated ADA Plus Height Toilet

Deven™ 2-Piece 1.28 GPF White Elongated ADA Plus Height Toilet

Includes: Slow-close seat, Floor Bolts, and Wax Ring

The CRAFT + MAIN® Deven™ 2-piece toilet is available only at The Home Depot. Featuring an elongated slow-close seat for added comfort and a 17" Plus Height™ bowl to make sitting and standing easier. Water-saving 1.28 GPF combined with the siphon jet flush action is the perfect combination of power and efficiency, leaving your toilet clean and fresh every time. And the patented Flush Guard™ anti-overflow drain system offers peace of mind. If the toilet ever clogs, the Flush Guard™ overflow holes carry rising water from the bowl directly to the main drain before the toilet overflows. Deven™ toilets come complete with a slow-close plastic seat, wax ring, and floor bolts for easy installation. And the oversized footprint covers any existing floor marks for a clean, professional look.


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Anti-overflow drains

If the main trapway becomes clogged, the three antioverflow holes in the bowl and separate drain holes in the rim allow rising water to escape through a secondary path. Water is delivered directly to the main sewer drain before the toilet overflows. And the anti-overflow drain is continually rinsed clean with every flush.

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Warranty Information

CRAFT + MAIN® plumbing products are covered by the FGI Industries, Ltd. 5 year (Vitreous China) and 1 year (Parts and Fittings) limited warranty.