Now there's no reason to fear the overflow. The patented drain system on Flush Guard™ Anti-Overflow Toilets is the cure for Overflowbia: the ultimate assurance that you can flush with confidence. Flush Guard™ Toilets are stylish, high-quality, easy to keep clean, and easy to install…so there's nothing standing between you and total peace of mind.

Flush Guard™ wins the prestigious DesignBites product innovation showdown at the 2024 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show – KBIS!

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Anti-overflow drains

A clog in the main trapway? Never fear. The three anti-overflow holes in the bowl and separate drain holes in the rim allow the rising water to escape to the main sewer drain through a secondary path -- before the toilet overflows. And the anti-overflow drain is continually rinsed clean with every flush.

How flush guard works
Easy to install


The three drain holes serve as a reminder that Flush Guard™ is always on duty. Protecting your home and property against toilet overflows, regardless of what might get flushed.

Easy to install

Powerful Flush

Flush Guard™ Anti-Overflow Toilets feature the highest flush rating available, making them difficult to clog in the first place. Water-saving 1.28 gpf combined with the siphon jet flush action is the perfect combination of power and efficiency.

Easy to install

Easy To Install

There’s no special installation or plumbing required. A Flush Guard™ Toilet fits onto a standard waste pipe.

Flush Guard™ is also the perfect replacement toilet. With the industry’s largest footprint, the area of the old toilet is completely covered, eliminating costly surface repairs.

ADA Compliant

ADA Compliant

Flush Guard™ Toilets have been specially designed for the use of persons who are blind or have other disabilities.

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